Boost Confidence

Research, in 484 children between 8 to 11 years age, showed that contact lenses improve how children feel about themselves.  In the study, 237 children wore spectacles and 247 were fitted with contact lenses.  After 3 years, children wearing contact lenses felt significantly better about their appearance, athletic ability and social acceptance.  To support these findings, there are also other research studies with similar conclusions.

Ask for the free contact lens trial, we’ll teach you how to put lenses in and out and also give you 5 pairs of daily disposable lenses to try at home.  If you want to continue, just book in for a final assessment appointment (this is chargeable).

What Age is Best?

In general, children can start wearing contact lenses whenever they’ve started to understand the importance of being organised.  For some, this can be as early six.  On average, most children start contact lens wear around the age of 13.  At EYETECH, we’re happy to fit children at any age but we must be satisfied that they are able to follow instructions and understand the importance of hygiene.

Contact lenses are perfect for sports such as football, rugby and gynastics.  They are not recommended for swimming.  If your child is interested in swimming, ortho-k is ideal (if they are short-sighted).

contact lenses for children

Myopia Management Therapy

For most children, myopia or shortsightedness increases year-on-year.  Unfortunately, the risk of developing other medical eye conditions later in life (such as glaucoma, retinal detachments and macular degeneration) also increases with short-sightedness.

MiSight® 1 day, is the first soft contact lens proven to slow the progression of short-sightedness (myopia) in children.  The American FDA has also recently approved MiSight® lenses for use in slowing down myopia.

contact lenses for kids

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