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MiSight Myopia Contact Lenses for Kids

MiSight are daily disposable myopia management contact lenses.  Research shows that on average, they to slow down myopia progression by 59%.

If your child’s myopia is increasing or if he or she has some of the risk factors for myopia,  think about having a myopia management consultation.  The consultation is designed to assess ocular factors and treatment options related to myopia progression.  MiSight lenses are an innovative technology to help slow down myopia  progression.  Long term data over 6 years shows the lenses to be safe, comfortable and effective iin slowing down myopia.  When wearing MiSight 1 day contact lenses, your child will experience clear vision, freedom from glasses and continue to enjoy the activities they love.

Get Started with MiSight

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    STEP 1: Book Myopia Consultation

    A myopia management consultation costs £95.  This, together with your NHS eye test will allow us to assess your child’s suitability for various myopia management options and set benchmarks for success.  The consultation involves measuring the length of the eye using non-contact optical interferometry.

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    STEP 2: 1 Weeks MiSight Lens Trial

    If MiSight lenses are suitable, your child will be issued a weeks supply.  Don’t worry we will teach your child how to apply and remove the lenses.  We’ll send you videos showing how to do this as a reminder.  Lens fitting is performed to ensure they are properly aligned to the eye.

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    STEP 3: Enrolment & 6 Month Follow-ups

    We’ll see you for a follow-up appointment at the end of the one week trial.  Here we will make sure the eyes are healthy and vision clear.  If you are happy, you will then be enroled onto the MiSight Myopia Plan.  The plan covers the cost of MiSight lenses and Myopia Consultations (every 6 months) to track the growth of the eye and contact lens assessments.  The total cost of the MiSight Myopia Plan is £50 per month which is charged by Direct Debit.  A minimum 6 month enrolment period is required.

What is the Cost of MiSight?

The MiSight Plan offers complete specialised myopia management consultations every 6 months.  These consultations involve measuring the length of the eye using interferometry as well as assessing binocular vision and focussing lag (a finding associated with myopia progression) and the fit of the contact lenses.  These examinations are not part of the standard NHS sight test.

MiSight Plan £57.50 per month

  1. MiSight Plan is for a fixed 6 month period.
  2. The plan covers the cost of all daily disposable lenses (30 pairs per month).
  3. 3 months payments payable on joining plan (covers the cost of the 3 months worth of lenses which will be supplied).
  4. The plan covers all assessments.

3 Reasons to Choose Us for Myopia Management

  • Dedicated Myopia Management Equipment

    We use the most robust clinical examination and monitoring protocols.  Key to this is our ability to measure axial length – a direct measure to assess eye growth.  Whilst you may be under the impression that simply measuring the prescription is the best way to see if myopia management is working, this is not the case.  Axial length measurement is 3x more sensitive to changes in eye growth compared to measuring optical prescription changes.  This matters because having confidence in knowing the treatment is working is key to deciding when to switch treatments.

  • Experience

    We’ve been doing myopia management for many years with Ortho-k treatment.  Our practice was most likely first practice in the UK to perform ortho-k.  Moreover, our principal Optometrist, Dr. Dave, is the co-author of World’s most definitive text on Orthokeratology.

  • Choice

    We don’t just perform one type of Myopia Management Treatment, we offer all currently available treatments in the UK,  This means that if the type of treatment needs to change, we will be able to offer you Ortho-k or MiYOSMART lenses without you having to be referred to anyone else.

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