Before you get contact lenses, you need to an eye test to make sure your eyes are healthy and measure your optical prescription.  If you have a valid eye examination prescription, then you don’t need another one.  Examination fees are shown in the Appointments menu.

Take advantage of our FREE contact lens trial (only if available in your prescription).  Here, you get 5 pairs of daily disposable lenses for you to try at home).  We’ll also teach you how to learn how to put lenses in and take them out safely.

The final step involves checking the fit of the lenses and make sure your vision is perfect.  We’ll issue you with a contact lens specification so you can order your lenses.  This appointment costs £40 for all soft lenses except for multifocal contacts (£65).

Buying Contact Lenses

Flexible Wear

If you want to wear contact lenses on a part-time basis the best way to order lenses is through our online webstore.  There’s free delivery on orders over £50.

Follow-up appointments and eye examinations will be chargeable at the normal fee.

Full-time Wear

You can either order soft lenses online or in-practice (the costs are the same).

On-going contact lens checks (or aftercare) appointments are required at least once a year.  If you want to have your lens follow-ups and eye examinations at EYETECH, we recommend opting for Lens Plan.  You can pay for Lens Plan and contact lenses by Direct Debit.

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